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Camboja por Blue Papaya

Who we are

For Blue Papaya, travelling is a blend of exploring and being hosted. It is about being delighted with the new and feeling comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. It is that lovely feeling of butterflies in the stomach when having new experiences, assured, though, that everything was meticulously planned so that every aspect of the trip is perfect and will live on in your memory as the best ever.


That is why we travel and research a lot; we are always looking for what is beyond the obvious. Even if you do not know exactly what you want, we will find it out for you. An unusual destination, that trending restaurant, the not-so-obvious shop, the ideal hotel for every style of travel.


With good taste and common sense, we design personalized travel plans combining "down-to-earth" experiences with small (or large) splurges that will make the trip memorable.


Blue Papaya trips are fun, exciting and comfortable.



Gabriela Cordes and Danila Jorge are experienced and curious travelers, who bring their "Blue Papaya" way to travel to the agency they founded. How so? It is fun, it is bold, it is uncomplicated. It is what they believe to be the true meaning of traveling.


Determined and daring, this duo is pure energy. They work with pleasure and responsibility and do not rest until everything is set exactly as they have imagined each trip. The secret? An extraordinary passion for planning trips.


This duo is really a great deal!

Nara - Japão por Blue Papaya
Atacama por Blue Papaya
Mykonos por Blue Papaya
Berlin por Blue Papaya
Bahamas por Blue Papaya
Abudab por Blue Papaya
Atacama por Blue Papaya
Aspen por Blue Papaya
Machu Picchu por Blue Papaya
Santorini por Blue Papaya
Santorini por Blue Papaya
Atacama por Blue Papaya

Why is Blue Papaya special?

Blue Papaya has a different flavor for each traveler and we know that. No two trips are designed the same. However, what is common to them all is the freedom of being a traveler, knowing that someone who understands the business is looking after you.


There are no pre-made travel plans here – every experience has its own unique format, its own unique flavor, its... Blue Papaya. Whether it is a couple’s, family or friends trip, we will surprise you.  


We value what we already know, but we are always looking out for that new and unusual twist. After all, the world is far too dynamic to settle for the known.


When we are chosen to arrange a trip, we really want to make a difference. Whether it is an early check-in, a late check-out, an upgrade or any other benefit, we spare no effort to get the best deals for our customers!


We are excited for you to try Blue Papaya. We are sure you will want to repeat the experience.


Taste Blue Papaya

Av. Juscelino Kubitscheck, 1327 - 2º floor
São Paulo, SP 04543-011

Phone: 55 11 2103.2980


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